Fantasy Insider tools are free to use. However, to protect our members advantage, we do limit some of the functionality.

What do I get?

  • Lineup cruncher with default settings (10 lineups, average of last 5 games) including: Ability to lock and exclude players to your lineup, and modify scores.
  • Smart Lineups with ability to swap players in and out
  • Access to player profiles and team profiles¬†
  • Access to all articles and forum

What don't I get?

  • Our player projections based on historic data, weather conditions, and hundreds of thousands of data points and simulations.
  • The ability to use floor and ceiling projections, or to modify the projections based on sliders.
  • Our advanced settings: create more than 10 lineups, stacking & advanced team construction strategies, player rating restrictions (e.g. for target contests)
  • Scenario builder, for basing your lineup on simulations where the underdog wins.
  • Export functionality
  • The ability to build randomised Smart Lineups.¬†
  • Read the full list of Premium features here.

How do I get the additional features?

You can upgrade to premium at any time to unlock the subscriber-only features by clicking here.

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