In the 'Advanced Settings' section of the Lineup Cruncher, there's a number of powerful features for those who are playing multiple lineups. 

We currently offer 3 main methods of building portfolios, and these are outlined below:

Unique Players & Maximum Exposure

This is the default method, and uses most of the settings on the 'Advanced Settings' screen. The 'Unique Players Per Lineup' adds a constraint that each lineup after the first contains at least that number of players different from every other lineup generated. This can be used in conjunction with, or separate from, the maximum exposure setting.

The maximum exposure options add a constraint that each player can be in no more than a specified percentage of lineups. We have divided players into three groups, according to their salary on the DFS Platform: Most expensive 1/3 of players, middle 1/3 of players, and cheapest 1/3 of players, and you can set an exposure limit for each. This allows you to potentially have 70-90% exposure to ‘star’ players, while limiting yourself to 20% on any one ‘scrub’ player — ideal for a Stars & Scrubs strategy

If you only want to use the Unique Players constraint, leave all of the maximum exposure settings on 100% , and if you only want to use Maximum Exposure, set Unique Players Per Lineup to 0.

Reduce included players by [5/10]%\

This setting is a classic method of building a portfolio. It works by reducing a players projection by the set figure (5 or 10%) for each previous lineup they are in. If you use the 5% setting, and Dangerfield is projected 100 in the first lineup, his projection will be treated as 95 when he is considered for the second lineup, and then 90.25 after he has been included in two lineups. This provides another way to manage exposure to players, while ensuring you have more of the players the projections indicate are high value.

Select Random Scenario for Each Lineup

This will use one of our 100,000 simulations for each lineup built, meaning a players projection will vary between their floor and ceiling. This is not a linear distribution however, and so a players projections is still more likely to be close to the actual projection than either extreme in each lineup.

Whether you use one of these, or a combination, these settings will allow you to build a diversified portfolio of lineups to enter into large guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

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