Beginning with AFL and NRL, we've added warning icons to players on the lineup cruncher in two cases:

  1. Players where we have insufficient information to make a confident projection. These are typically players who've played less than 5 games, but may also be players with higher games where they have moved club or role, and we have insufficient data on their new fantasy scoring.
  2. Players with unusually high standard deviation -- these are players who may have played 5,10 or 20 games, but their performances are extremely volatile. For example, if an AFL player were to score 40-50 in half their games, and 90-110 in the other half, they are likely to get the warning icon.

We don't necessarily suggest you don't play these guys in your lineups, but simply want to make you aware they are higher risk plays. If I was entering 5-20 lineups in a tournament, I most likely wouldn't want one of these guys in 80% of my lineups as a cornerstone player.

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