One of the questions we get a lot is "won't everyone have the same lineup?". The answer is that people don't, because modifying the projections - or the optimal lineup - even slightly dramatically increases your potential profitability vs. entering the same lineup as dozens of other players.

Some of the best ways to create unique lineups are to modify the projections, and we provide two easy ways to do this:

Floor/Ceiling Slider

This slider adjusts the player projection towards their floor (90% of performances will be better than this) or ceiling (10% of performances will be better than this). In doing so, the lineups generated will focus on the more consistent players, or those with the highest upside. In cash games, you're going to want to use a setting closer to floor, and in tournaments a setting closer to ceiling.

Scenario Builder (AFL ONLY)

There's a lot of free information contained within the bookmaker odds for a particular game, not least the projected total points scored by each team, which has a significant correlation to fantasy performance in sports such as AFL and NBA. We include that information in our base projections, however the bookmaker's aren't always right! Our scenario builder lets you build lineups using player performances from our simulations where - for example - the underdog wins by 40 points, or three Saturday games are low-scoring and the other is a 120-point each goalfest. This is one of the most powerful tools we offer.

What happened to the old sliders?

Previously, we had sliders on the site for bookmaker odds, upside and consistency. The bookmaker odds one was designed to allow you to over or under emphasise the expected bookmaker total. The effect of this on the projections however was to suggest that a team would score more or less than the bookmakers total. Thus, the scenario builder provides a more sensible way to do this.

The consistency and upside sliders are now merged together into the Floor/Ceiling modifier. Basically, as you move towards 'Floor', the players with the highest consistency come to the forefront, and as you move towards 'Ceiling', the players with the highest upside do. We believe this is a cleaner way to manage this modification, as previously you could say both 'Consistency' and 'Upside' were very important, which would have a net-neutral effect. 

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