By now hopefully you've created a lineup in the cruncher, but if not  -- go to the Lineup Cruncher for your sport of choice, and click the 'Crunch Lineup from All' button in the right hand column. You'll see that it spits out a default lineup, ready for you to enter into your DFS contests. But, what if other people do the same?

Well, we encourage you to use the advanced options, and your own knowledge, to build your own lineups! Here's some of the things you can do if you're only playing a couple of lineups:

Tweak the projections - Think Cameron Smith will score more than our projections? Change it up.

Lock and Exclude specific players - Heard a rumour that Paul Gallen won't be playing this weekend? Dump him from your lineups -- see how in this video:

Shortlisting players
- Want to crunch lineups from a smaller subset of players you've chosen? As long as you have high and low priced players at each position in your shortlist, the Lineup Cruncher does the rest for you. Watch how it works: 

Stack your team with players from one side
- Think the Knights or Bombers are going to get hammered this weekend? Make sure you have all their opponents key players -- see how in this video:

Build your team from a custom shortlist
- Have a pretty good idea of what players you want in your teams, but want to find the best combos? Watch how here:

Customise your teams - Want to make a lineup from a few particular teams? This is how to customise which teams: 

Saving settings and saving your generated lineups
- You don't have to re-adjust your settings every time you come back to the Lineup Cruncher, we have a feature that lets you save your projection set for next time. You can save your lineups or set of lineups too, and access them in your Saved Lineups dashboard. Here's how:

If you're going to be entering 5 or more lineups, there's a couple of other things you'll want to try too:

Modify the number of unique players - Maybe you don't want all your lineups to be virtually identical, or maybe you do? With this setting, you can customise how varied your teams are. Watch our demo here:

Set your maximum exposure to a specific player - Think Cam Smith will have a great game, but worried about that knock he picked up in training? Build a set of lineups where he's only in 25% and make sure you're covered if he pulls up lame. Take a look at our demo here:

There are also many other ways of building a portfolio of lineups with the lineup cruncher, and we discuss those in a separate article.

Some other things the Lineup Cruncher can do are:

Have a burning question about the Lineup Cruncher? Feel free to get in touch.

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