Our Premium package is a monthly subscription to expert daily fantasy lineup building features for every sport. 

Here are the extra features you get when you Go Premium:


Get the edge - Our individual player projections are based on our machine learning models that simulate every single game to find the range of scores a player will achieve. These are imported into the Lineup Cruncher and Smart Lineups as a starting point for building the optimal lineup, or you can alter them with our projections slider or enter your own.

Lineup Cruncher

The Lineup Cruncher makes building lineups simple by providing you the optimal lineup for every slate by hitting ‘crunch from all’, but it also has a lot of power, giving you full control over the lineups it generates through advanced settings, only available to premium members. 

Projections - Our algorithmic player projections are automatically imported into the Lineup Cruncher.

Shortlisting - ‘favourite’ your players in that slate and then crunch your lineup from only your shortlisted players 

Black Book (NBA only) - compile and manage your own personal shortlist then import your Black Book into every lineup you enter. 

Save & load projection set - Perfect your projections once then import them into the Cruncher with one click.

Floor & Ceiling - Adjust the slider to change our projections for the kind of contest you’re entering.

Number of lineups - Build up to 40 lineups with one click.

Unique players - Tell the cruncher how many unique players you want it to put into each lineup it builds.

Stacking - Choose the teams you want to stack from and the number of players to stack in each lineup.

Portfolio - Ask the cruncher to randomly select game scenarios for each lineup, reduce included players by 5 or 10% and much more - find the optimal way to build multiple lineups for each sport

Exposure settings - Set the maximum exposure percentage for every player in your lineup, or takegranular control over every player’s individual exposure levels 

More Control - Choose to avoid questionable or doubtful players, avoid players with warning icons or ignore our projections altogether. 

Management - Remove a single player from your lineup and recalculate to find their replacement, mark your lineup as entered and view the exact exposure you currently have to each player. 

Saving - Save your lineups to enter later or compare to actual results after the slate.

Scenario builder (AFL only) - Build lineups using player performances from our simulations where - for example - the underdog wins by 40 points, or three Saturday games are low-scoring and the other is a 120-point each goal-fest.

Smart Lineups 

Projections - Our algorithmic player projections are automatically imported into Smart Lineups and shown beside every player.

Optimised - In one click, Smart Lineups calculates the optimal team based on the perfect configuration of players’ projections within the salary cap. 

Generate another optimal lineup - Don’t like the lineup we chose? Click generate another lineup to get the second best choice, and so on. 


All tools (and content on the site) support lineup building for the major daily fantasy platforms, including:

  1. Draftstars
  2. Moneyball


A premium package will get you access to all sports including:

  • AFL (March-September)
  • NRL (March-September)
  • NBA (October-June)
  • Big Bash (December-January)
  • NFL (usually September to February)
  • Horse Racing
  • more as we grow.

Ready to take your DFS game to the next level? Go Premium for just $39.95 /month now. 

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